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What would you do if you won the lottery?

Discussion in 'Other' started by KenBrace, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. LesY Atom

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    Yes, I believe it depends a lot on the amount that I won. If it were 2-50 million, I'll invest a part of it in a business that can give me enough money to maintain a nice living, other part in a small and cozy house in a big city and another in a calm area of another city. Other part I'll use it for traveling and buying any food I want (I love food) and lastly I'll save enough money in a separate bank account to secure at least a decent life in case that I overspend and end up with five dollars in my wallet.

    That way I'll not need to work anymore and I will be able to use my time to keep learning new things and enjoying the years I have left. And if it were between 50-100 million, I will do something similar. I'll only add three houses to be able to live in other countries and have personal instructors in things I've always wanted to learn like painting, playing an instrument, etc.
  2. kingcool52 Molecule

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    Depends how much really. If it was around 1-5 million then I would probably just buy a house, car and a few luxuries and then put all the money into a bank so that I can earn a steady income through the interest gained by it. I would most likely still stay in college, go to university and then do a job. I don't think 1-5 million nowadays can keep you going for a long time (especially here in London). If I won something nearer to around 20-30 million then I would quite college straight away and a live a nice luxurious life. First thing I would do is get a nice house, a nice car and then treat everyone in my family. I would then travel around the world :D
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  3. Selena Bacteria

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    I would give some to everybody on here, buy a house near each one of my children and divide the rest between kids and siblings.

    I've had a good life and I really can't think of anything to spend it on....I still have gift cards from Christmas I haven't used.

    Any money left I'd let a financial advisor that I trusted donate some to worthwhile charities and I guess invest it.

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