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Is NASA wasting a lot of money, or just telling us lies about the ISS ?

Discussion in 'Science' started by Believer, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. Believer Bacteria

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    This might be the wrong area of the forum for this thread; and if so, please move it to the appropriate area, @KenBrace .
    Recently, NASA put out a video seen by thousands of people for Super Bowl 51, and it showed the astronauts decked out in their football jerseys and playing with the floating football. Admittedly, this was a cute video; but the real question is, how and when (and where) was the video made.
    The supplies that are sent up to the ISS are only sent every few months, and even then, sometimes the rockets do not make it far off of the launch pad before they explode, and then the whole thing has to be re-stocked and shipped again. The last supplies were sent late last fall.
    At the time that the last shipment was sent, no one even knew which teams would be playing in the Super Bowl, so how did NASA know which jerseys to send up to the shuttle back then ?

    Possibility number one is that NASA sent up ALL of the jerseys, one for each possible team; which would have been a huge expense, and wasting a lot of taxpayer money to do this.
    Second possibility is that the Super Bowl is rigged, and so NASA already knew who would be playing, and only sent up the jerseys for those two teams.
    If neither one of those are right, then we are only left with the possibility that the astronauts were right here on earth, and NASA filmed the video using a green screen.

  2. kingcool52 Molecule

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    I doubt they would use a green screen if it was fake. A green screen is easy to identify to be honest. I do believe that they are in space although I'm sure there are several conspiracy theories fighting this point. They do several live streams on Facebook of space walks etc. and it would be extremely difficult to fake this stuff. Most likely what they did is just send all the jerseys up there, it wouldn't be too expensive. The football teams may have even just given them two of their shirts because its going to be in space
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  3. Selena Bacteria

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    This was explained. They took up a bunch of different shirts...I can find the link ....it's not a conspiracy theory, lol.

    I do have the link somewhere because when you posted this elsewhere I looked it up and found the explanation.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2017

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