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How do fashion get popular?

Discussion in 'Other' started by Alexandoy, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. Alexandoy Bacteria

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    What I mean by fashion is actually the trend that people subscribe to.

    For the example now, it is the tattoo which is getting to be trendy. In the olden days, the only people with tattoo are the convicts and the ex-convicts. That is the stigma of tattoo in our country although I admit that the tattoo is gaining a positive image because it is sported by athletes and celebrities.

    What about the skinhead? In the olden days, a bald guy is the butt of jokes and it is a big shame not to have hair on the head that's why the toupee is good business for some shops. But now with the skinhead fashion, even those with good hair is sporting a bald head.

    Now, back to the question - how do fashion and trends get popular support from the public?
  2. jimbob Cat Moderator

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    People see something different and they too want to be different so they do the same thing the different people are doing but after a while it seems that most people are doing it so it's no longer different so people start looking for new ways to be different.

    I get to be a skinhead about once a month. That's how often I shave my face and head. Then it grows out and after a month I do it again.
  3. Raven Atom

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    I think popular media and modern marketing helps. If a lot of people see a star or celebrity wearing a fashion trend, or more than one, people who respect them will try to look like the ones they want to emulate. If a certain type of jacket appears in films, magazines, etc. people will see it everywhere, some will follow it and when people see it on the street, they'll look to buy it, or be more open to buying it because they see it on the shelves. They will see it on the shelves because right back at the start of this, the jacket's manufacturer will have given it to the star with a backhander, paid films or magazines for product placement, and then sold it to the stores stock purchasers as this year's new fashion, all before the film that kicks off the demand comes out...

    It's surprising how manipulated fashion actually is.
  4. Shine_Spirit Bacteria

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    I think popularity first is based on what it is (or at least tries) to be different. :-@

    The problem (or the solution) is that fashion quickly spreads (like a virus), and in the blink of an eye, everyone is practically the same.

    Particularly, I don't follow any trend or a brand. I always use what I like and what makes me comfortable.

    I can't always pay for everything (because I like some brands with expensive prices... a "terrible" habit X_X), but within my financial limits, I'm very satisfied with what I have and use/wear. ;)
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  5. DR KOKIL AGARWAL Molecule

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    This is a question for which even I would love to find an answer. As far as I have analysed trends start from metro cities and then slowly crop up in smaller ones.

    It is the majority of people following the trend that makes it famous or infamous. Any style picked up by mass becomes a trend.

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