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Do you agree with this article?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Jason76, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. Jason76 Cat Moderator

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  2. jimbob Cat Moderator

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    Nope. I do not agree.

    What Bill was referring to as "Enlightenment" is really the new-agers who were brought up by parents who were told to let their child do whatever the child wanted to do. That is social anarchy and it simply does not work. The Texas alternative state motto is "Don't tread on me."

    You can't do whatever you want. You cannot tread on me. You cannot dictate what my moral standards should be. You cannot force me to vote the way you want me to vote.

    Rather than the beginning of the end of "Enlightenment" I rather see this as the beginning of the return to reality.

    I am the most important person in the universe and where I live is the most important country on the planet. Me first and make America great again.
  3. Raven Atom

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    I disagree upfront, because I don't think Trump is the cause, I think he is a symptom. He was voted in because large numbers of people felt disenfranchised by the current system and wanted an alternative. When people feel disenfranchised there is always trouble, it is just that his presence makes it very hard to ignore it, as many of the media and people in power had been.

    Much of the rest of the article seems to be suggesting that people who think differently to the desired view are the problem. That is an assault on the very science the author says he upholds, where different opinions and interpretations of data are essential to open debate. It's also depressingly common in dictatorial communist states, where those who disagree with the state line are a problem solved with jailing or death.
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