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Please read the rules before posting!

Forum Rules



This is NOT allowed. Examples of spam include…

1.   Illegal or copyrighted content.

2.   Commercial products and advertisement.

3.   Posting links to unrelated/irrelevant, external sites for the purpose of advertisement.


Adult Content

Pornography, 18+ content, and nudity are strictly forbidden.



This is allowed. However try to keep it fairly mild and not too overly excessive.



Threating other forum members with physical violence or legal action is NOT allowed. This includes doing so public discussions & PM. You are required to discuss such things off-site.



Direct insults and name calling are not allowed. You are free to make your points and say whatever you like so long as you aren't insulting another member directly.


Multiple Accounts

If you wish to create more than one account you are required to request permission from the administrator to do so.




NOTE: If you fail to adhere to any one of the forum rules you will receive a warning from a moderator notifying you of your infraction. If you continue to break the same rule after being warned it will most likely result in the temporary suspension or permanent ban of your account. However do keep in mind that such things will be judged on a case to case basis according to the moderation team’s judgment. If you are unsure as to whether or not a post breaks the rules please contact the administrator.











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Mar 3, 2015
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